1) Announcement

The Association “Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito” of Novara announces the competition “Giuseppe Martucci International Prize”. The contest is opened to Italian and foreigner adults pianists, aged between 18 and 29 by October 2024.


2) Competition’s unrolling

The Competition will take place in Novara at the Conservatorio Guido Cantelli (Via Collegio Gallarini 1) from 18th to 20th October 2024.

The calendar and the timetable of the Competition will be communicated in good time before the start of the competition.

Competitors must be provided with a valid identification document.


3) Competition sections

The Competition is held in public and articulates in two separate moments:


4) Program

The competitors, besides a composition or a group of compositions by Giuseppe Martucci, are required to present a program “ad libitum” that includes pieces of their own choice, even pieces and improvisations composed by themselves. Total timing: 65-70 minutes.

The pieces of Martucci will be chosen from the list below:

The pieces listed above are published or available at libraries. In case of difficulty, please write an email to:

All candidates are required to present at least one piece by Martucci; however, only those presenting Martucci pieces for a duration of about 10 minutes can participate in the award of the € 500.00 prize in the "Prizes" section.

For the Eliminatory stage, each competitor will ought to perform the pieces by Martucci and the pieces - totally or partially - that the Jury will select during the test. The competitor will play for about 30/40 minutes: the Jury has the right to stop the performance even before the time indicated.

For the Final Round, competitors are free to arrange the program of the concert, chosing among all the pieces listed in the program, even not performed in Eliminatory stage. The duration of the Final Round will be determined by the Jury, but it will at least of 30 minutes each.

For both tests of the Competition the competitors are required to perform from memory and to present to the Jury the texts of the performed compositions. Martucci’s pieces, and pieces of contemporary music, may not be performed by heart.


5) Prizes

  1. The finalists can boast the name of the winners of the Giuseppe Martucci International Prize and each will receive a prize of € 500.00.
  2. The overall winner, identified by the public vote, will participate with a recital (with a gross cachet of € 1,000.00) for the concert season of the "Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito" Association 2024/25.
  3. Further concerts, to be held in 2024/25, will be offered to the Winner by Italian Musical Associations, whose nominatives will be gradually published on the web site of the Martucci Prize within the section “News”.
  4. The Cuveglio's Momenti Musicali Association will host in the second semester of 2025 a concert by the winner of the Giuseppe Martucci International Prize.
  5. The best performer of a piece of Martucci (for an indicative duration of 10 minutes), although not a finalist, will be rewarded with a special prize amounting to € 500.00.
  6. The best performer of a piece written between 1856 and 1909 (the period in which Giuseppe Martucci lived), will be awarded the “Folco Perrino” prize amounting to € 500,00.
  7. The travelling and accommodation expenses related to the Concert of Finalist will be reimbursed up to a maximum of € 100.00 per finalist.
  8. Any further awards will be shown on the website of the Association.


6) Technical Jury – Eliminatory stage

The Jury will be composed of five members selected among eminent representatives of the Italian and international music world. The names will be announced in the month of September 2024.

The decisions of the Technical Jury are unquestionable, unappealable and definitive.

The Jury will not make rankings but, by majority, will indicate the candidates admitted to the finalists’ Concert.

The Jury, if thinks it necessary, has the right to express special recommendations on competitors deemed worthy of mention, even if competitors are or are not listed among the finalists. These reports will be announced after the awards ceremony.

The Jury will award the prizes referred to the above numbers: 1, 5 and 6.

Members of the Jury must not be relatives nor have any affinity with any of the candidates; furthermore, they must not have had private teaching relations with them during the last 2 years preceding the beginning of the Competition.


7) Assignment of Prize

During the concert of the finalists of the 20th October 2024, the audience present in the hall, through voting, will identify the overall winner of the Award.

Each member of the audience has the right to vote only if in possession of the entrance ticket.

For the Concert of Finalists, the order of the admitted candidates will be determined by the extraction of the names.

The absolute winner will be announced at the end of the concert and the outcome of the Competition will be announced on internet and through the media.


8) Application for enrolment

Competitors are required to submit, even by e-mail, no later than the 5th October 2024, the application for free entry to:

Associazione "Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito",
Giuseppe Martucci International Prize,
via dei Cattaneo 15, 28100 Novara.

The application form must be accompanied by the following attachments:

The registration will be valid only if it contains the statement of payment of the admission fee, amounting to € 100.00, paid by bank transfer to:

Associazione “Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito”
IBAN code: IT50C0503410000000000001294
Reason for payment: first name, surname, Martucci Prize

Sending of checks or postal orders is not allowed.

Admission fee is not reimbursable.

Subscription is possible by sending an e-mail to info@amicimusicacocito, together with the above requested items. The above-mentioned date has to be considered as deadline for subscribing.

In case of paper submission, the application must be received by the "Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito" Association by the indicated date.

Competitors are requested to use the application form listed below, when it will be available, together with the information note concerning the consent for the use of personal data.

Application forms sent after the expiry date will only be exceptionally accepted on unquestionable decision taken by the Artistic Direction.

Incomplete applications, or not including the required documents, will not be taken into consideration.


9) Rights of recording

Competitors cannot make any economic or other claims for audio recordings made during the preliminary round and the Final test of the Competition, nor for video shooting and for any radio, television, internet, etc. use.


10) Acceptance of the rules of the competition announcement

Competition participants must implicitly and unconditionally accept the above mentioned rules without exception.


11) Competent court

All the controversies will be regulated by the Court of Novara, and the only language that regulates the present competition announcement is the Italian one.


12) Info

For any information please write an e-mail to:

[Download the Application Form]