The Association "Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito" promotes the fourth edition of the International Prize Giuseppe Martucci.

The Prize was founded in 2015, with the support of the late M° Folco Perrino, a keen scholar of the human and artistic figure of Martucci, with the aim of spreading the knowledge of the great Italian musician.

This competition intends to address the younger generations, promoting on one hand the deepening not only of the musician Martucci but also of an important period of musical art, on the other hand leaving the candidates wide freedom of choice in proposing a program that can best characterize their musical personality.

We are convinced that with this formula, candidates will be well aware of their resources and their inclinations by offering both high-profile pieces and even presenting their own compositions and improvisations.

Finally it should be emphasized that the finalists, identified without a ranking order, are in fact the winners of the competition, among which the overall winner will be the one who will succeed in winning the approval of the public.

Among the peculiar characteristics of the "Amici della Musica Vittorio Cocito" Association, we highlight the constant sensitivity towards the new generations and at the same time the work of spreading the musical culture.

Thanks to the Martucciani onlus Study Center and to the Conservatorio "Guido Cantelli" for the valuable collaboration.

Partner del Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Martucci